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Welcome to the Diet Doctor Podcast with Dr. Bret Scher!

We aim to be your go-to source for accurate and cutting-edge information to help you make low carb living simple and achieve your best health ever! As a practicing cardiologist with over 20 years of clinical experience, I want to explore evidence based, practical information and dive deeper into the controversies as it relates to your health and your healthcare so you can start to make sense of what it really means to live a healthy lifestyle. Join me and my range of guests from New York Times best-selling authors to engineers reshaping the field of medicine as we talk in depth about the many approaches to low carb living and achieving your best health ever.

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#25 – Alison Gannett

Alison Gannett has an amazing story to tell, and she is using that story to help people in their most desperate time. She went form winning championships as an extreme skier to facing her own mortality with brain cancer. Fortunately, 6 years later, she is thriving and now is an oncology diet coach to help people use a ketogenic diet as well as comprehensive lifestyle changes to...

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Robb Wolf

Robb Wolf was one of the pioneers of the popular paleo nutrition movement and one of the first Crossfit franchise owners. Thus, Robb is sometimes labeled as "The Paleo Guy". In reality, Robb has a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience helping people transform their health with ketogenic lifestyles. Yet Robb defies being put in any one box. He has knowledge on par with many functional medicine...

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Dr. Jason Fung, MD

If fasting has been around since the beginning of time, why is it so controversial? Dr. Jason Fung has a different perspective. When done right, fasting should not be controversial at all. In fact, it should be one of our most powerful tools for treating insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, obesity and diabetes. He also believes insulin resistance has an even further reaching impact on our health affecting...

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#21 – Nina Teicholz

Few people in this world have done more to unearth the fallacy and shoddy evidence behind our dietary guidelines than Nina Teicholz. Her book The Big Fat Surprise is one of the seminal books opening our eyes to the problems the dietary guidelines have caused and their complete lack of quality evidence. But Nina didn't stop there. As director of the Nutrition Coalition, Nina is spearheading the...

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#20 – Dr. Ryan Lowery

Dr. Ryan Lowery has firmly established himself as one of the leading researchers and thought leaders in the field of ketogenic lifestyles. He has clinical experience and research spanning from athletic performance to longevity to neurocognitive disorders. His goal is to bridge the gap between academia, research, and practical individual implementation, and he does an amazing job of that. In this interview we continuously cycle between research...

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Dr. Robert Cywes

Emotional side to weight loss and weight loss surgeries

Dr Robert Cywes is an expert at weight loss surgeries. But if it were up to him, he might not do any of them. His first step is always to help his patients break their addiction to carbohydrates. He still uses surgery in the right situation, but he is the first to admit that surgery without addressing the underling carbohydrate problem is destined to fail. His focus...

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Lauren Weiss, PhD

Behavioral Nutritionist and Nutrition Researcher

Anyone who has tried to change a habit knows that it involves much more than knowing what to do. You also need to know how to do it - how to make the change and how to make it stick. Lauren Bartell Weiss has made it her job to help people understand this concept. With a PhD in Behavioral Nutrition, a background in nutritional research, and a...

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Dan Scholnick

Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist with a low carb twist

Dan Scholnick once said, "It seems like every VC I know in Silicon Valley is on some kind of a low carb diet." Dan is no exception. Despite having the diagnosis of familial hypercholesterolemia, he decided to try his hand at a low carb diet after hearing a talk by Gary Taubes. Since then, Dan has experimented with numerous diets to see which work best for him,...

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Dr. John Limansky

Keto Diet and Biohacking

Dr. John Limansky is the Keto Hacking MD and a well-known podcast host. He helps high performance clients use a ketogenic diet to improve their performance, their health and their lives. Plus, he helps them understand how to be an ultimate biohacker. What does biohacking really mean? Does it have to be a complicated intervention, or can it be a simple lifestyle change? Which of the numerous...

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Prof. Andrew Mente

Co-Investigator for the PURE Study

The PURE study is one of the largest epidemiological studies in recent memory, and its findings seriously question the dietary guidelines around fat, carbohydrates and salt. In fact, the PURE study suggests that higher fat intake reduced mortality, that lower salt intake increases mortality, and it even shows us how LDL is a poor predictor of health outcomes. As an epidemiology study, how much faith can we...

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Dr. Robert Lustig

Pediatric endocrinologist and health policy advocate

The debate wages. Is a calorie just a calorie? Or is there something specifically dangerous about fructose and carbohydrate calories? To anyone who has experienced the benefits of a low carb lifestyle, the practical answer is obvious. But answering that question on a global scale and making meaningful changes to improve the health of millions of people is much more complex. That's where Dr. Robert Lustig comes...

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Ruminant, Diet & Human Health

Dr. Peter Ballerstedt

Peter Ballerstedt has the background and personality to help us bridge the knowledge gap between how we feed and raise our animals, and how we feed and raise ourselves! His fascinating story begins with understanding animal nutrition and food systems, but quickly transitioned to human nutrition as well after a personal health discovery. Since then, he has become a leading voice to promote a rational and science...

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Dr. David Ludwig

Endocrinologist and nutritional researcher

In the messy world of nutritional science, some researchers rise above the others in their attempt to produce high quality and useful data. Dr. Ludwig exemplifies that role. As a practicing pediatric endocrinologist, he has seen first hand the rise in obesity, type 2 diabetes, fatty liver and other previously rare complications in adolescents. As a result, he has made it his mission to help us better...

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Amber O’Hearn

@KetoCarnivore unintentional leder of the carnivore movement

Many have referred to a ketogenic diet as "extreme," "restrictive" and "potentially dangerous." Now, those same concerns have focused on an all-meat carnivore diet. Although it is new in popularity, people have been practicing a carnivore diet for decades, and possibly centuries. Does that mean it is safe and without concern? Not necessarily. There is much we still don't know about eating only meat, and Amber admits...

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Dr. Sarah Hallberg

Low Carb Physician and Researcher with Virta Health

For decades the medical world has seen type 2 diabetes as a chronic condition that we can only hope to manage with medications to delay inevitable complications. Dr. Hallberg and her colleagues at Virta Health have completely changed that paradigm by showing us that we can reverse type 2 diabetes and we can allow patients to safely stop most if not all of their medications. How have...

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Dr. Ron Krauss

Lipidology expert and leading researcher

LDL cholesterol is one of the most controversial topics in the low carb world. On the one hand, conventional teaching is that elevated LDL is dangerous and needs to be lowered. On the other hand, otherwise healthy individuals following a low carb lifestyle have not been represented in our available data. How do we reconcile what to do? Dr. Ron Krauss helps us understand the nuances beyond...

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Dave Feldman

Engineer, Citizen Lipidologist, N=1 Experimenter

Dave Feldman has done more to call into question the lipid hypothesis of heart disease than practically anyone over the past few decades. His self experimentation and his theories on an energy model for lipids question the foundation of the theory that LDL is "bad" and we should all strive for a low level. He recently had his model "stress tested" on the Peter Attia podcast which...

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Megan Ramos

Co-Founder IDMProgram.com

Humans have practiced fasting for centuries as part of religious rituals, but the medical community has shunned it as risky and dangerous. Megan Ramos, along with her co-founder Dr. Jason Fung, have embarked on a mission to change all that. At IDMProgram.com, Megan and Jason counsel patients how to use fasting safely to help with weight loss, diabetes, management, and overall health promotion. They recently published a...

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Todd White

CEO Dry Farm Wines and Low Carb Biohacker

Alcohol and low carb simply don’t mix, right? Not so fast. As Todd White, founder of Dry Farm Wines explains, it depends on the product. If a zero sugar, low carb, no additive product sounds too good to be true, then you have to listen to this podcast. But Todd isn’t only a wine expert, he is also a self-described biohacker. Through the years Todd has become...

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Dr. Michael Arata & Stephanie Kennedy

Functional medicine practitioners and Authors of Keto With Plants

Dr. Michael Arata, founder and lead physician at Arata Medical, is the most unique radiologist I have ever met. He specializes in limb-salvage interventional procedures, and as such, is the last resort to prevent a patient from having an amputation. Luckily, he realized that he could potentially have an even bigger impact by taking a functional medicine approach to prevention, rather than last minute heroics. That’s when...

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Dr. Joseph Antoun

Physician and CEO of L-Nutra

Could fasting be the true fountain of youth? Looking at the science, it may just be. In this episode, Dr. Joseph Antoun walks us through the science and practical implications of using five-day intermittent fasts as a means for stem cell regeneration, autophagy, and longevity. As CEO of L-Nutra, Joseph is on the cutting edge of bringing the best of longevity research to the masses. Fasting may...

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Dr. Jeffry Gerber & Ivor Cummins

Original low carb doctor and Engineer turned health crusader

  Dr. Jeffry Gerber and Ivor Cummins may just be the Batman and Robin of the low carb world. They have been teaching the benefits of low carb living for years and they recently co-authored the book Eat Rich Live Long, a must read for the low-carb enthusiast. They really do make the perfect team. Dr. Jeff has over a decade of clinical experience helping his patients...

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Health and Longevity with Dr. Peter Attia

What would you change in your life if you could live forever? Ok, let’s be realistic. Not forever. But what about an extra five years? Ten years? Or how far would you go to ensure you would be healthy and vibrant until the day you die? That is the science of longevity. The inexact science I should add. Starting as a cancer surgeon and researcher, Dr. Peter...

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The Very First Episode of the Diet Doctor Podcast: Gary Taubes

Our first ever episode of the Diet Doctor Podcast is here, hosted by Dr. Bret Scher! And our first guest is none other than the iconic science journalist Gary Taubes. Over the last two decades, Taubes has repeatedly put his tenacious, meticulous research and persuasive writing skills towards debunking the bad science and prevailing dogmas in nutrition. Possibly nobody has been more influential than Taubes in the...

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Low Carb Cardiologist Podcast

Carrie Diulus M.D. —Vegan Keto, Type 1 Diabetes, Exercise and Self Experimentation

Spine Surgeon, Type 1 Diabetic, Ultimate N=1 Experimenter

  Doctor Carrie Diulus is a spine surgeon with an amazing story. Her life has been littered with maladies such as Celiac Disease, type 1 diabetes, gastroparesis, and a serious knee injury and yet she persists with athletic triumphs and incredible health. How she accomplishes this is a testament to her ingenuity and resourcefulness. Dr. Carrie shares her story of how data collection, self-experimentation, and analyzing the...

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Lierre Keith — The Dark Truths Behind Veganism & Vegetarianism

Author of The Vegetarian Myth

This week, the Author of The Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice, and Sustainability, Lierre Keith, joins me to dispel the three pillars vegetarians lean on to justify their dietary and lifestyle choices. Her book, published in 2009, is still widely discussed and referenced today. In this stirring discussion, Lierre reveals that just six corporations (who she calls grain cartels) own the world's food supply and how they deceitfully...

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Dr. Nasha Winters, ND — Treating the Whole Person, Not Just the Tumor

Cancer Treatment Pioneer, Naturopathic Doctor and Cancer Survivor

This week, Dr. Nasha Winters ND, FABNO, L.Ac, Dipl.OM and CEO of Optimal Terrain Consulting joins me to share her incredible, real-life journey of healing through lifestyle and emphasis on whole health. After beating a diagnosis of terminal cancer at the age of 19, she transformed her life into an ongoing resource for thousands of people who are navigating their way through cancer and standard of care...

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Tucker Goodrich — Omega 6 Seed Oils and Our Health- Another Medical Paradox

Citizen scientist and health crusader

This  week,  History  Buff,  Citizen  Scientist  and  Wall  Street  Tech  Guru  Tucker Goodrich  shares  how  he  healed  himself  of  diverticulitis,  irritable  bowel Syndrome, and stroke-like symptoms  all  by  changing  his  diet.  Getting little help from contemporary medicine, Tucker decided  to  focus  his  professional  problem-solving  skills towards  his  personal  health  issues. This  ultimately lead  to  eliminating  wheat  and  omega  6  seed  oils  from his  diet and resulted in...

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Dave Feldman Challenges Everything We Think We Know About LDL Cholesterol.

Citizen scientist, founder of cholesterolcode.com, and lipid pioneer

Dave Feldman brought down the house yet again with a rousing presentation at Keto Con 2018. In his presentation, he postulated that a subset of LCHF individuals, which he terms Lean Mass Hyper Responders (LMHRs), are unknowingly changing the world of cholesterol.   Traditionally we are taught that any elevation of LDL cholesterol leads to heart disease. Not so fast, says Dave. In this episode, we discuss...

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Dr. Jeff Stanley — How A Ketogenic Diet is Changing the Game of Treating Type 2 Diabetes

Internal Medicine Physician with Virta Health

This  week,  I  welcome  Dr.  Jeff  Stanley  of  Virta  Health  back  to  the  podcast  to  discuss the  results  from  their  one-year  Cardiovascular  Risk  Factor  Assessment  clinical  trial.  The  results, which  are  published  in  the  peer-reviewed  publication  Cardiovascular  Diabetology,  include  some very  impressive  findings.  Findings that may just shake up conventional wisdom about a high fat diet. During  our  conversation,  we  discuss  the  details of the trial, and...

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Dr. Shawn Baker — Creating a Community of Carnivores

Surgeon, Masters Athlete World Record Holder, Carnivore

This week, Orthopedic surgeon, World Record Holder and Master athlete Dr. Shawn Baker shares his solution for thriving as a human being. He eats meat. Lots of meat, and only meat. He is the leader of the carnivore movement and has created a community of carnivores through his social media efforts. This may have been considered "fringe" or "crazy" a few years ago, but now, thanks to...

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Reverse Engineering Cholesterol Misconceptions

Siobhan Huggins

Citizen Scientist from cholesterolcode.com

This week's guest, Siobhan Huggins, is a stellar citizen scientist who has a passion for dissecting complex topics, and understanding how misbeliefs lead us astray. She has a remarkable gift of analyzing complex topics and reframing them from a systems and engineering point of view. Plus, her own personal journey through the low-carb keto lifestyle prompted her deeper dive into lipids, inflammation, insulin resistance and more. She understands...

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The Nutrition Coalition

Nina Teicholz

Bestselling Author & Executive Director of the Nutrition Coalition

Nina Teicholz joins me for a second time (listen to our first interview in episode 8), this time to discuss her groundbreaking work reforming our dietary guidelines. Nina is the bestselling author of The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet, and she is the Executive Director of the Nutrition Coalition, a non-profit organization that promotes evidence-based nutrition policy. During our...

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The Power of Exogenous Ketones

Dustin Schaffer

Health Coach and Exogenous Ketone Expert

My good friend Dustin Schaffer of the SchafferMethod.com is a master at helping people live their lives better. In this interview he shares his personal health journey that eventually led him to ketosis. Since then, he has helped his clients find their own path to health, and has been very successful at it. But now he has his most powerful and favorite tool- the combination of exogenous...

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Revolutionizing Health Care

Dr. Victor Montori

Professor of Medicine and Endocrinologist at Mayo Clinic

During this episode, Dr. Victor Montori and I discuss the industrialization of healthcare, how healthcare has corrupted its mission, how it has stopped caring, and what this means for you as a patient. It is clear something has to change. Healthcare has lost its way, and the patient is the one who suffers most. As a  Professor of Medicine and Endocrinologist specializing in diabetes care at the Mayo...

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Raise Your Protein Intake and Your Insulin IQ

Dr. Ben Bikman

Professor and scientist at BYU

Ben Bikman believes wholeheartedly in a low carb diet. He lives it, he studies it and he educates physicians about it through his Insulin IQ organization. As an Assistant Professor and Scientist at BYU, he focuses on modern day diseases that are influenced by metabolic disorders such as obesity and diabetes. He actively spreads the word about the benefits of a low carb diet whenever, and wherever...

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The Benefits of Fasting

Dr. Jason Fung of the IDM Program

Nephrologist and world leading expert on intermittent fasting

My guest, Dr. Jason Fung is a passionate advocate for reclaiming our health through low-carb nutrition and intermittent fasting. As a Nephrologist, he recognized his diabetic patients on dialysis uniformly declined into worsening health. He knew something had to change. That is when he went against the prevailing paradigm and starting using low-carb nutrition and intermittent fasting as primary therapy for his patients. And he hasn't looked...

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Exercise and Nutrition in a Fat-Adapted Diet

Vinnie Tortorich

America’s favorite celebrity trainer

Vinnie Tortorich is America's favorite celebrity trainer, podcaster and author of Fitness Confidential. Vinnie shares how he got started in his career as a trainer to the stars, and he highlights the key differences between training celebrities for shoots and films, exercising to be health or training for competitions. As a long-time competitor in ultra-endurance races, Vinnie shares how he has used nutrition to help him achieve spectacular...

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Helps People Take Control of Their Medical Futures

Professor Tim Noakes of the Noakes Foundation

World renowned Professor of sports science and best selling author

Prof Tim Noakes put his career and his reputation on the line by saying three simple words that we infrequently hear: I Was Wrong. In the 80s and 90s, he was the preeminent authority on sports performance, and he wrote the defining book explaining the importance of a high carbohydrate diet.  Fast forward 20 years, and Prof Noakes' own personal struggle with diabetes opened his eyes to...

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Part 3: It’s Time to Revolutionize Health Care

HD of Hormones Demystified

HD of HormonesDemystified.com. Leading endocrinologist and respected blogger

HD of HormonesDemystified.com is back on the Boundless Health Podcast. Once again, this well trained and highly respected endocrinologist brings his entertaining, thoughtful and witty no-nonsense perspective to help us dissect some big topics.  In this episode, we explore HD"s own personal journey with Time Restricted Feeding, and of course we tackle insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia and how that relates to low-carb diets possibly being the cure...

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Part 2 To Help Us All #RethinkLDL

Dave Feldman of CholesterolCode.com

Founder of cholesterolcode.com and serial self experimenter

During Dave Feldman's second appearance on the podcast we delve deeper into the results of his Ketofest experiment and how his research is revolutionizing the way we look at cholesterol. According to Dave's 'energy status' theory, the body as a system anticipates its energy needs and regulates how it mobilizes long term and short term energy storage. This makes cholesterol a passenger in an energy delivery system,...

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Insulin Resistance: A True Measure of What Ails Us?

Ivor Cummins

Systems engineer turned citizen scientist

After a blood test left him with more questions than answers, my guest, Ivor Cummins, began applying his problem-solving, tactical engineering point of view to explain why his blood tests were abnormal, an answer his physicians were unable to provide. From there, he turned his attention to explaining the root cause and pathophysiology of the most common diseases of our time- obesity, diabetes, heart disease just to...

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Finding The Sleep Solution

Dr. Chris Winter

Expert in sleep medicine known as “The Sleep Whisperer”

How to get a better night's sleep is on the front of just about every magazine cover these days. New methods, products, and books promise a sleep experience like no other. But, few of these practices or gadgets get to the root cause of why people aren't sleeping. My guest, Dr. Chris Winter, is an expert on sleep with over 25 years of sleep medicine and research...

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Moving Past the High Cholesterol Myth and On to Preventing Metabolic Disease with a Low-Carb Lifestyle

Dr. Jeffry Gerber

Denver’s Diet Doctor, leading expert in LCHF

This week I welcome Denver's Diet Doctor, Jeffry Gerber, to discuss how we look at cardiovascular risk and health in general. It's about going beyond traditional risk factors that have been perpetuated for decades and decades. And, it's about looking at metabolic health through a different lens. As you will hear, it's not all about LDL cholesterol, it's more about insulin resistance ? looking at your insulin...

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Cholesterol — Understanding How the Body Uses It and Are High LDL Levels Really Dangerous?

Dave Feldman

Founder of cholesterolcode.com and serial self experimenter

My guest on this episode has a fresh, mechanistic approach to understanding the way our bodies use cholesterol. Dave Feldman is an engineer who has used self-experimentation to unpack the dynamic changes of LDL in his body. His findings have been revolutionary. On his blog, CholesterolCode.com he shares his personal journey of how a low-carb, high-fat diet and almost 100 blood tests have given him pause about...

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Meditation and Mindfulness: A Practical Approach

Dr. Danny Penman

PhD in biochemistry and award winning writer and author

My guest, Dr. Danny Penman, had used a breathing meditation throughout his youth to get through the extremely difficult periods of his life but he didn't practice mindfulness daily. It wasn't until a tragic paragliding accident left him in severe pain that he turned back to the breathing exercise to calm his mind and to minimize his suffering. Danny used his long period of rehabilitation to research...

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Go Against the ‘Grain’ of Prescription-Driven Health Care by Adopting Prevention

Dr. William Davis

Cardiologist and best selling author

Cardiologist Dr. William Davis wants us to take charge of our own health, and make prevention our top priority. But he warns that you won't get any help from you regular doctor. In his book, Undoctored, Dr Davis explains how the medical system has failed us, and how prevention has disappeared from most doctor's priorities. The first step we can all take toward promoting health is eliminating...

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Is a Low-Carb Diet the Key to Treating Alzheimer’s?

Amy Berger

Certified nutritionist and author

Everywhere you go, it seems people can't stop talking about the ketogenic diet but what is it, how does it work, and isn't it just the Atkin's diet revamped? Nutritionist and Author Amy Berger joins the program to share what she learned when researching the topic for her Master's thesis and book, Alzheimer's Antidote. Amy says there is proof the ketogenic or low-carb diet can be used...

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Alzheimer’s: A Unique Approach to Treatment and Prevention of Cognitive Decline

Dr. Dale E. Bredesen

Expert in Alzheimer’s dementia and creator of the Bredesen Protocol

It is estimated that by 2050, 13 million people will be affected by Alzheimer's disease or Alzheimer's dementia. It is on track to become the second leading cause of death in the U.S. My guest today, Dale E. Bredesen, MD, is working toward reversing and preventing cognitive decline. Dr. Bredesen's book, The End of Alzheimer's, provides a programmatic approach to staving off neurodegenerative disease by identifying and...

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How to Set Up Your Medical Team: Including Your Doctor and an Alternative Medicine Practitioner


HD of HormonesDemystified.com.Leading endocrinologist and respected blogger

This week, Host Dr. Bret Scher welcomes returning guest H.D. to the program. H.D. is a well-respected Endocrinologist and Creator of the Hormones Demystified website. H.D. shares his thoughts on the copious amounts of testing performed by alternative medicine providers, how a person should address their primary care physician with questions about their naturopathic test results, the confounding variables in the diagnosis of gut microbiomes and how...

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Break The Twitch

Anthony Ongaro

Author and blogger at breakthetwitch.com

Anthony Ongaro wants us to live an intentionally connected life with minimalism, habits and creativity. Anthony is the creator of the website, "breakthetwitch.com." In today's interview we discuss the concept of minimalism and how that leads to intentional living, finding our joy, and living purposefully. We discuss how minimalism is not just about getting rid of physical possessions, as it is equally important to promote the things...

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Professor Robert Sapolsky

Professor of biology and neurosciences at Stanford University

Why do we behave the way we do? The answer may surprise you. In his new book, "Behave: The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst," Professor Robert Sapolsky explains that the answer is more complex than we may think. It doesn't just have to do with our neurobiology or hormone levels at the moment we act, but rather is influenced by days, weeks, years, even...

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Dr. Ted Achacoso

Founder of BioBalance and creator of Health Optimization Medicine

Is your cellular health optimized? Is your gut microbiome optimized? If you are like me, you probably have no idea. Dr. Ted Achacoso hopes to change all of that. As the founder of BioBalance, and creator of Health Optimization Medicine, Dr. Ted is pushing the boundaries of the intersection between health and medicine. In this interview, we discuss his amazing background, what led him to create Health...

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Dr. Jeff Stanley

Internal medicine doctor at Virta Health

Virta Health wants to revolutionize the way we treat diabetes. Instead of 'managing' diabetes, they want to cure and reverse it using low-carb and high-tech. For decades, medicine has taught a management strategy of diabetes, rather than a cure-based approach, so this company is certainly disrupting the way we approach this costly chronic disease. Considering diabetes costs the United States $176 billion per year, any success they...

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Rachel Carlton Abrams

Board certified Family practitioner and Integrative Medicine physician

Rachel Carlton Abrams has a perspective I wish all doctors had. She is board certified in family practice and integrative medicine, and she is the director of the Santa Cruz Integrative Medical Center. She is also the author of the book, "Body Wise," and a very accomplished speaker. She understands the importance of health promotion through lifestyle, and not just the basics of nutrition and exercise. She...

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Nutritional Summary

Nutritional Summary with Dr Bret Scher. Cardiologist, author, founder, Boundless Health

So far on The Boundless Health Podcast you have heard from Joel Kahn, the Vegan Cardiologist. You have also heard from Diana Rodgers, the nutritionist and farmer who is the defender of beef. Lastly, you have heard from Nina Teicholz, the investigative journalist who blew the lid on the faulty case against saturated fat. On the surface, the vegan philosophy and the approach from Diana and Nina...

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Nina Teicholz

investigative journalist and NYT best selling author

Today's interview is with Nina Teicholz, the New York Times best selling author of The Big Fat Surprise, Why Butter, Meat and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet. This book is nothing short of revolutionary. For decades we have been told that saturated fat, namely butter, meat and cheese, have no part in a healthy diet. We have been led to believe that this recommendation was clearly...

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Diana Rodgers

Real food nutritionist and author

In this episode, I am joined by Diana Rodgers from Sustainabledish.com. Diana is a real food nutritionist, an author and a farmer who lives and works on an organic farm outside of Boston. Diana has been very focal in the defense of beef, and she dives deep into the specifics of meat as food, how cattle are raised, and how they effect our environment. We have all...

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Mark Shapiro

Hospitalist physician and podcast host

In this episode, I am joined by Dr Mark Shapiro. Dr Shapiro is a hospitalist in Northern California and is the creator of Explore the Space Podcast. This is a special interview for me since Dr Shapiro was one of the main inspirations for me to start my podcast. I am in awe of his ability to tell stories, and help others tell their stories. He is ...

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Dr. Joel Kahn

Cardiologist and author

In this episode, I have the honor or interviewing Dr Joel Kahn. Dr Kahn is a cardiologist in Detroit Michigan, and is probably best known as being the Vegan Cardiologist. He is an outspoken supporter of plant based nutrition, and has an active presence on social media promoting the benefits of lifestyle for promoting health. He has also developed into a defender of what he sees as...

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Dr. John Neustadt

Naturopathic physician, author and owner of NBI supplements

Today's interview is with Dr. John Neustadt. Dr. Neustadt is a naturopathic trained doctor who has been heavily involved in research. He has published over one hundred scientific articles, he has authored three textbooks, and has been named one of the ten most cited authors for his work on mitochondrial damage in disease. In addition, he is an entrepreneur with his own supplement company, NBI, and is...

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Chiropractor and CEO of DREAM Wellness

Dr. Brian Stenzler

Chiropractor and founder of DREAM wellness

In this episode, I interview Dr. Brian Stenzler, a well-respected chiropractor and CEO of DREAM wellness. We explore the role of chiropractic care for overall health promotion, the image crisis chiropractors face, "staying in your lane" as a practitioner, the role of collaborative care, and of course the role of evidence based care. Enjoy! Music: Surfing Day by Marcos H. Bolanos Music can be found at freemusicarchive.org....

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Hormones Demystified

HD of HormonesDemystified.com. Leading endocrinologist and respected blogger

In this episode, we interview the endocrinologist behind the blog, "Hormones Demystified." He prefers to remain anonymous, but I can tell you he is a highly respected and a very well-trained physician, and he is no stranger to controversy. He speaks his mind and has made it his mission to educate the public about fringe health practices that may be doing more harm than good. This episode...

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Boundless Health Introduction

Welcome to the Boundless Health Podcast! We aim to be your go-to source for accurate and cutting-edge information to help you achieve your best health ever! Led by Dr. Bret Scher, a practicing cardiologist with over 20 years of clinical experience, we are going to help you explore evidence based, practical information and dive deeper into the controversies as it relates to your health and your healthcare....

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