The Very First Episode of the Diet Doctor Podcast: Gary Taubes

Our first ever episode of the Diet Doctor Podcast is here, hosted by Dr. Bret Scher! And our first guest is none other than the iconic science journalist Gary Taubes.
Over the last two decades, Taubes has repeatedly put his tenacious, meticulous research and persuasive writing skills towards debunking the bad science and prevailing dogmas in nutrition. Possibly nobody has been more influential than Taubes in the low-carb world.

However, it has been a bumpy road, with both ups and downs, not least when it comes to Taubes’ attempt to revolutionize the nutrition world with the non-profit NuSI. Like any massive undertaking changing the nutrition world is a long process, requiring a lot of persistence – and Taubes has a lot of that.

Listen and enjoy the very first episode of our podcast above.

Oh… and if you’re a member (free trial available) you can get more than a sneak peak at our upcoming podcast episodes here.

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