Dr. Jason Fung, MD

If fasting has been around since the beginning of time, why is it so controversial? Dr. Jason Fung has a different perspective. When done right, fasting should not be controversial at all. In fact, it should be one of our most powerful tools for treating insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, obesity and diabetes. He also believes insulin resistance has an even further reaching impact on our health affecting our risk of cancer and our chance for longevity. As the foremost expert on fasting, Dr. Fung has a perspective we can all learn from.

4 thoughts on “Dr. Jason Fung, MD”

  1. You might want to subtitle your video, I happen to be deaf. I’m sure that other deaf ppl will appreciate it, too. Many thanks

    1. Hi Candace. Thank you so much for your recommendation. This is a great point and something that we will work towards. We really appreciate your input and want to make our materials accessible to everyone. We’ll keep you posted!

  2. This interview/conversation was not only very educational and enlightening but entertaining! Major medical dilemmas and facts put forward in a manner that non
    medical listeners can comprehend. This helps many of us to sort out our own medical
    points of concern and enable us to articulate those concerns to our physicians.
    Love Dr. Fung and have enjoyed his many educational forums and interviews.
    Thank you Dr. Scher . Your questions and comments were quite valuable to the listener.
    Kudos to all!

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