#7 Diana Rodgers

Real food nutritionist and author

In this episode, I am joined by Diana Rodgers from Sustainabledish.com. Diana is a real food nutritionist, an author and a farmer who lives and works on an organic farm outside of Boston. Diana has been very focal in the defense of beef, and she dives deep into the specifics of meat as food, how cattle are raised, and how they effect our environment. We have all heard that we need to eat less beef. Cows produce excessive greenhouse gasses that harm our environment, and meat has been linked to an increased risk of health problems. That message is pervasive. But is it wholly accurate? Diana says it is not. Did you know that raising cattle on grass in a way that mimics a migratory herd can actually remove carbon from the atmosphere? That is a far cry from the CAFO cattle who act as polluters. And of course, the majority of evidence that condemns beef from a health perspective comes from lower quality observational trials complicated by confounding variables. And the controversies don’t stop there. We know that eating plants is good for the majority of us. But is mono-crop industrial farming good for the environment? We even get into the philosophical discussion of a post-materialistic mindset being critical to effecting agricultural change. We ask, what can we do about all this? How do we change the dialogue so we can focus on the potential of beef and cattle as a healthy part of our lives and our environment? I hope you enjoy her fresh perspective, and I promise you, you will see beef in a whole new light after this episode. Thanks for listening!

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