Dr. Michael Arata & Stephanie Kennedy

Dr. Michael Arata, founder and lead physician at Arata Medical, is the most unique radiologist I have ever met. He specializes in limb-salvage interventional procedures, and as such, is the last resort to prevent a patient from having an amputation. Luckily, he realized that he could potentially have an even bigger impact by taking a functional medicine approach to prevention, rather than last minute heroics. That’s when he teamed up with his star health coach Stephanie Kennedy to teach people how to use plant-based ketogenic diets and a wholistic approach to their health to prevent the chronic disease that plague our society. Their upcoming book, Keto with Plants, is an accumulation of their experience and their attempt to help thousands of patients with their message. I love their patient care philosophy, and it was quickly evident that they are experts in helping their clients practically implement lifestyle changes that will help them today and for the long haul. You are sure to learn some valuable tips in this interview!

4 thoughts on “Dr. Michael Arata & Stephanie Kennedy”

  1. This was a very interesting podcast and I enjoyed the alternative to a carnivore diet.

    I looked up Dr. Michael Arata's California Medical License and saw he had an accusation filed in June, 2018.  Have you read that accusation?  Does this matter in how you evaluate his findings and science of his Keto on Plants?  Do you think his interventions are based on science?  I am wondering how all this will play out over the coming months.  Would you defend him against these accusations based on your knowledge and training?  Thanks in advance.

    1. Thank you for your comments Walter. To be honest, I am unaware of any complaints filed againts Dr. Arata, so I am not in position to comment on them. Regardless, I find his approach with Keto with plants incredibly interesting, especially since he recognizes the potential shortcomings of this nutritional plan and thus the need to cycle in meat  at least once per week. I am a big fan of showing how there is more than one effective approach depending on our goals and our specific circumstances. I feel Dr Arata’s and Stephanie’s approach is an excellent example of thet. Hopefully this podcast episode helped others realize the same. Thanks!

      1. Dr. Sher, 

        Thanks for the quick reply.  

        Many of the physicians that I follow about keto and low carb are criticised because of the lack of scientific trials for various claims.  I know scientific studies are very hard to do in this area.

        Here is an article which you might find helpful: https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/877062.  I use information like this to determine whether I believe the physician can be relied on in other areas he is claiming expertise and excellent results.

        Thanks again in advance.

        p.s I am losing weight and improving LFTs and insulin level on low carb!

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