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Join us for an exclusive
low carb Weekend retreat

With the Low Carb Cardiologist

Transform your health, lose the weight, and feel great!



Our Next Retreat

Just $1499 per person, discount for couples

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La Jolla, CA

Learn from the Experts

This is your opportunity to learn the practical everyday knowledge you need to succeed in transforming your health. Not theoretical knowledge. Real, actionable, sustainable knowledge!

Cooking Demonstrations

Keto? Low carb? Paleo? We help you find the right nutritional mix to transform your life for decades to come. This is not a cookie cutter one plan for all. This is a truly individualized transformative experience

Small Group Discussions

Learn and grow together. Share your tips and experiences, and learn from your peers. 

Create a community

Lasting relationships help you maintain behavioral change and make it stick.

Our Transformative Approach

Luxury Boutique Atmosphere

Our natural setting right by the beach in beautiful La Jolla creates a powerful transformative and relaxing experience.

Intimate Experience

We accept a limited number of guests for each retreat to provide exceptional individualized attention to you and your specific goals.

Whole Health Approach

Although our focus is low carb nutrition, you will also gain valuable insight into improving your physical activity, mindfulness, stress management, sleep and more.

Work With a Cardiologist

A 30-minute one-on-one coaching consult with Dr. Bret Scher is included with the retreat to make sure you get an individually tailored experience.

Long Lasting Results

Learning the right information is important, but it’s the implementation that gets results. We focus on making behavior changes stick for the long run and include follow-up sessions to make sure you get the most out of your experience.

Tailored Care Plan

Every individual has different health goals. We take great care in understanding your challenges and creating an experience that addresses your individual needs.

Take Control

Transform your life, build relationships, and get healthy today.


Frequent questions and answers
Anyone who has struggled with adopting a healthy lifestyle change. If you want to adopt a low carb lifestyle and have concerns about its longevity or health implications, this is the retreat for you!
Yes! That is a great way to get even closer as a couple and to help make the lifestyle change more permanent. We welcome couples and extend a special discount for them.
You will learn the good and the bad of nutritional science, how this applies to low carb lifestyles, and how it can help you transform your health. Plus, we cover mindfulness, stress reduction, fitness, sleep and more!
We limit the group size to no more than 20 participants to make sure you get the best individualized attention.
All food and cooking demonstrations are included and there is a discounted block of rooms available for you to book at an historic, lovely beachside hotel.

No! This is all about finding what is right for you! For some, that is a ketogenic lifestyle. For some, it is a more moderate low-carb lifestyle, and for others it may be a vegetarian approach. We start from a low-cab baseline and adapt the details to your needs!

Yes! Your transformative health experience doesn’t end after the weekend is over. You will have continued access to our group calls and our ongoing community experience to ensure that your lifestyle changes continue.
Absolutely! We encourage everyone to extend their stay and enjoy all the natural beauty and unique experiences San Diego has to offer.
Yes! Everyone gets a 30-minute individual health coaching call with Dr. Scher before the weekend retreat to make sure the experience is specifically tailored to you.
Bret Scher, MD FACC

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