#5 Dr. Joel Kahn

Cardiologist and author

In this episode, I have the honor or interviewing Dr Joel Kahn. Dr Kahn is a cardiologist in Detroit Michigan, and is probably best known as being the Vegan Cardiologist. He is an outspoken supporter of plant based nutrition, and has an active presence on social media promoting the benefits of lifestyle for promoting health. He has also developed into a defender of what he sees as misinformation or unfair attacks on many doctors and scientists. Although no stranger to controversy, I find him to be an incredibly caring individual. He cares about his patients. He cares about preventing cardiovascular disease and promoting health. Even if we don’t agree on everything, we should all agree that promoting health is the primary focus, above celebrity status and above o ur own agenda. I hope you enjoy his stories and conversation as much as I did.

Music: Surfing Day by Marcos H. Bolanos
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2 thoughts on “Dr. Joel Kahn”

  1. Too bad Dr. Kahn spent so much time criticizing and insulting G Taubes and N Teicholz. Most unbecoming and left a bad taste in my mouth. He should have just talked about medicine and science. 

    1. Hi KetoDeb. Thank you for your comment and observation. I think there is definitely too much name calling and too much insulting in today’s social media driven world. We can and should hold ourselves to the highest professional standards when talking to and about others. Thank you for helping point that out!

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