#4 Dr. John Neustadt

Naturopathic physician, author and owner of NBI supplements

Today’s interview is with Dr. John Neustadt. Dr. Neustadt is a naturopathic trained doctor who has been heavily involved in research. He has published over one hundred scientific articles, he has authored three textbooks, and has been named one of the ten most cited authors for his work on mitochondrial damage in disease. In addition, he is an entrepreneur with his own supplement company, NBI, and is a wealth of information about how to analyze scientific data and how to view supplements and medications as they all relate to us as individuals. I appreciate his perspective on health in general and I know you will gain valuable insight from his wisdom. Thanks for listening!

Music: Surfing Day by Marcos H. Bolanos
Music can be found at freemusicarchive.org. Music has be altered and repurposed for and by Bret Scher of The Boundless Health Podcast.

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