#9 Nutritional Summary

Nutritional Summary with Dr Bret Scher. Cardiologist, author, founder, Boundless Health

So far on The Boundless Health Podcast you have heard from Joel Kahn, the Vegan Cardiologist. You have also heard from Diana Rodgers, the nutritionist and farmer who is the defender of beef. Lastly, you have heard from Nina Teicholz, the investigative journalist who blew the lid on the faulty case against saturated fat. On the surface, the vegan philosophy and the approach from Diana and Nina may seem completely at odds and contradictory. How can you make sense of the opposite viewpoints? Can both be right? Or is there a clear right and wrong? In this episode, I take a few minutes to provide a nutritional summary. I show how we can combine the advice and evidence to find an individualized approach, a pattern of eating that works for you, for your health and your enjoyment. I hope this helps you make sense of the controversy. As always, Thanks for listening.


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2 thoughts on “Nutritional Summary”

  1. I do appreciate you trying to clarify this very confusing topic.  I will admit it does appear you are trying to tread on both sides and not trying to upset one side or the other.  I had a heart attack and by-pass surgery at the age of 51. I have been intensely trying to find the best way, but the more I dig into the more I get confused.  Both sides have very strong and passionate arguments. I am currently dabbling in the carnivore realm and over the last couple of months have lost about 17 lbs. Blood pressure stays normal but have no idea how it is effecting my heart and arteries. I am really nervous when I go to my next cardio appt. I am sure the conversation will interesting.  So would you say you are closer to a paleo way of eating vs Keto?

    1. Hi Tommy. Thank you for your message. To answer your question, I am neither keto nor paleo nor mediterranean. I am all for finding the right approach for each individual and I would never suppose that those will always be the same. It may not sound very sexy or get much media attention, but the true answer is that we are all different and all options need to be considered. I know that doesnt sepcifically help you, but hopefully you understand my position a little better. Thanks!

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