#15 How to Set Up Your Medical Team: Including Your Doctor and an Alternative Medicine Practitioner


HD of HormonesDemystified.com.Leading endocrinologist and respected blogger

This week, Host Dr. Bret Scher welcomes returning guest H.D. to the program. H.D. is a well-respected Endocrinologist and Creator of the Hormones Demystified website. H.D. shares his thoughts on the copious amounts of testing performed by alternative medicine providers, how a person should address their primary care physician with questions about their naturopathic test results, the confounding variables in the diagnosis of gut microbiomes and how overworked physicians should look outside their job for fulfillment.


Key Takeaways:

[2:00] Testing by alternative medicine practitioners may not have an impact on a patient’s health.

[7:30] Many people believe their personal health journey should include naturopathic and traditional medicine.

[16:22] Filtering out the noise and delivering only evidence-based information isn’t always easy.

[26:37] How do I talk to my doctor about something I heard from an alternative medicine practitioner?

[32:23] Not all Certifications are the same.

[37:08] Working with microbiomes is like the Wild West of healthcare right now.

[47:14] H.D.’s burnout post really hit home with a lot of over-worked physicians.


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