#34 Dr. Shawn Baker — Creating a Community of Carnivores

Surgeon, Masters Athlete World Record Holder, Carnivore

This week, Orthopedic surgeon, World Record Holder and Master athlete Dr. Shawn Baker shares his solution for thriving as a human being. He eats meat. Lots of meat, and only meat. He is the leader of the carnivore movement and has created a community of carnivores through his social media efforts. This may have been considered "fringe" or "crazy" a few years ago, but now, thanks to Dr Baker's efforts, the carnivore diet is becoming an accepted diet for health and human performance. During our conversation, Dr Baker addresses common misconceptions about the diet, his blood work results and how he believes the carnivore diet fits into a healthy lifestyle. It may not be for everyone, but there is so much we can learn from Dr Baker's approach. Plus, we get to hear about his online battles with popular vegan doctors!


Key Takeaways:


[3:54] Dr. Baker describes how moving his patients to a ketogenic diet helped heal them without surgery.

[9:33] The medical system is designed to make money, not prevent illness.

[16:37] Social media is a powerful educational tool for communities.

[19:13] Who is a good candidate for the carnivore diet?

[35:05] How Dr. Baker reacts to the medical community's critique of the carnivore diet.

[41:18] Understanding blood glucose levels.


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2 thoughts on “Dr. Shawn Baker — Creating a Community of Carnivores”

  1. Hey Bret 

    Love what you are doing exploring ideas out of the mainstream . Since Dr Baker's diet is SO far outside, I did not think I would be interested . Yet I was . He has a very pleasant manner and does a nice job explaining himself. I am a primary doc myself so his story about being professionally ostrasized was the most interesting part of the show for me ( I am already fairly well versed in the theory and practice of ketosis or very low carb diets) Kudos to both of you. 

    Late in the show Dr B mentioned " The Reproducibility Project" . I am familiar with that and it is worth spending some time learning about it . Check here 


    I enjoy exploring how paradigms in scientific knowledge start to change . 

    Keep up the good work, 

    Mike McEvoy 

    1. Thanks Mike. I appreciate your comments and the link for the reproducibility project. I will definitely dive deeper into that topic. It’s great to hear from docs who keep an open mind and are open to exploring concepts outside our usual practice and guidelines. Thank for keeping open eyes, open ears and an open mind.

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