Amber O’Hearn

Many have referred to a ketogenic diet as “extreme,” “restrictive” and “potentially dangerous.” Now, those same concerns have focused on an all-meat carnivore diet. Although it is new in popularity, people have been practicing a carnivore diet for decades, and possibly centuries. Does that mean it is safe and without concern? Not necessarily. There is much we still don’t know about eating only meat, and Amber admits that. With her balanced and intellectual approach, she helps us understand the complexity of defining if this diet is “safe,” and helps us understand who might benefit most.

3 thoughts on “Amber O’Hearn”

  1. Bret – I applaud your willingness to go out on a limb. Your guest was quite polite and forthcoming and honest . I do believe that carnivory ( is that a real word? ) shuts a door on a broad swathe of life . There is not a prima facie reason to presume that the “toxicity” of plants need be applied to all plant matters. To think in an evolutionary fashion, I believe we would NOT have made it as a species without a willingness to “take the risk” of plant toxicities. In other words , part of our evolutionary success ( if I can call it that ) is our omnivory.
    In addition, I did not hear much consideration that being a top predator ( because that is precisely what carnivory is) has risks of concentrating toxins preserved in fats etc.
    Keep up the challenging and interesting work! Thanks for the show .
    Mike McEvoy

    1. Thanks for your input Mike! Your comments definitely further the discussion and considerations around an all carnivore diet.

  2. I am so confused. Carnivore, plant lectins, Keto-vegan. How do I know what is right for me. Everyone seems to have their own agenda and sometimes products to sell. How can one know what is legit and what isn’t?

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