#37 Tucker Goodrich — Omega 6 Seed Oils and Our Health- Another Medical Paradox

Citizen scientist and health crusader

This  week,  History  Buff,  Citizen  Scientist  and  Wall  Street  Tech  Guru  Tucker Goodrich  shares  how  he  healed  himself  of  diverticulitis,  irritable  bowel Syndrome, and stroke-like symptoms  all  by  changing  his  diet.  Getting little help from contemporary medicine, Tucker decided  to  focus  his  professional  problem-solving  skills towards  his  personal  health  issues. This  ultimately lead  to  eliminating  wheat  and  omega  6  seed  oils  from his  diet and resulted in immediate resolution of his symptoms.

During  our  conversation,  Tucker  reveals  how  he  identified  the  disease  creating  culprits  in  his diet,  how  his  health  has  improved  since  he  eliminated  wheat  and  processed  seed  oils, and more importantly, what this may mean for you and your risk of exposure to omega 6 seed oils and other nutritional toxins.


Key Takeaways:


[5:25] The interconnected worlds of computer science and medical science.

[10:25] Tucker started at the source using his family's medical history as square one.

[19:42] Omega 6 seed oils come from whole foods.

[30:23] Cholesterol and Heart Disease ? are they related?

[38:38] American food drastically altered the diet in the 'Blue Zone' of Okinawa, Japan.

[43:45] What happened when Tucker removed processed seed oils from his diet?

[50:50] Unpacking the studies and discoveries that led to this conversation about Omega 6.


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8 thoughts on “Tucker Goodrich — Omega 6 Seed Oils and Our Health- Another Medical Paradox”


    I just listened to this podcast episode featuring Tucker Goodrich about too much Omega 6. It was very insightful!

    I've been eating keto for almost 4 years, which seems to have solved many of my health issues. About a month ago I stopped eating certain seeds when I learned that the Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio is extremely high. It was just an experiment because I was eating a lot of these seeds thinking it was appropriate on a keto diet. In short order, I noticed that my last remaining joint pains went away.

    Last week I spent a day working in the hot sun (without sunscreen). At the end of the day I was thinking: "This is really going to hurt tonight." But I was very surprised that I had absolutely no sunburn! Previously, I would have been very sensitive to sunburn. I know correlation does not equal causation. But these unexpected results from my Omega 6 experiment seem to line up with Tucker's analysis.

    Keep up the great work with your podcast, Bret. I've listened to every eposide and I learn something useful every time.

    1. Thanks for your comment Marvin. I was absolutely skeptical about the sunburn-omega 6 connection until I heard Tucker and now dozens of examples of a correlation. It is fascinating! And there are even more examples of decreased inflammation. There is far more to omega 6 seed oils than contemporary medicine wants to admit. I am thnakful for people like Tucker for spreading the word. Thanks for listening and for commenting!

      1. Same thing happened to me to – 4 hours a day, summer sun , Malta  in the mediterranean, no lotion, no sun burn. (  18 months no seed oils .

        I'm blond, hid from the sun for years

  2. Tucker is great. I did a deep dive on his sources in the Breaknutrition podcast, including all the Okuyama and Lands sources and a few more. Tucker is worth every penny/

    1. Agreed! He knows his stuff for sure. Sharp mind, well spoken, and great perspective. I really enjoyed our interview.

  3. I enjoyed it as well. I am 52 and have had triple bypass. I am doing everything possible to help my heart health, including very low carb (carnivore), cutting out sugar and seed oils. I do have a question is the an exhaustive list of the good and bad oils?

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