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Looking for a more individualized approach to your health? Confused about how all the contradictory health advice applies to you? We have you covered. Book your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Scher today.


Dr. Scher will connect with you via Skype and help you take control of your health today. Prior to the initial consultation, Dr. Scher will thoroughly review your past health records. Then during the one-on-one consultation, he will perform a complete medical history and explore your lifestyle habits in depth. Not only will he investigate what has worked and what has not, but he will help uncover WHY certain approaches may or may not work well for you. This includes your medications, supplements, your approaches to nutrition, physical activity, exercise, stress management, sleep, social interactions, and more!


As a cardiologist and physician with almost 2-decades of clinical experience, he will integrate your health status and your lifestyle to provide clear and actionable recommendations to get you on your path to health.


The initial consultation is only $475, and that includes email follow up for the first month. Subsequent follow-up visits range from $100-$200.


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Sign up today. You CAN take charge of your health. You CAN experience real, natural health. You CAN feel better and be better. Let Dr. Scher show you how.

Bret Scher, MD FACC

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