Dr. Robert Cywes

Dr Robert Cywes is an expert at weight loss surgeries. But if it were up to him, he might not do any of them. His first step is always to help his patients break their addiction to carbohydrates. He still uses surgery in the right situation, but he is the first to admit that surgery without addressing the underling carbohydrate problem is destined to fail. His focus on emotional attachment, finding alternative to meet our emotional needs, and whole lifestyle intervention is a refreshing break from the “just have this surgery and everything gets better” approach. If you or a loved one is thinking about bariatric surgery or struggling with weight loss, this episode is for you.

4 thoughts on “Dr. Robert Cywes”

  1. Oh My Gosh! This was wonderful! I wish it had been a video instead of audio – but I learned so much from it that I plan to listen all the way through one more time. Well done. Thank you so much!

    1. I was interested in a video too, found this same interview on the Diet Doctor You Tube channel.

  2. I’m not even 10 mins in and couldn’t agree more. Our medical professionals need to be educated on carbs!! I’ve followed Dr Zoe Harcombe lifestyle for over 4 years. Wish they would subscribe this sort of education. Sadly people are not aware how bad a drug sugar is.

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