#36 Dave Feldman Challenges Everything We Think We Know About LDL Cholesterol.

Citizen scientist, founder of cholesterolcode.com, and lipid pioneer

Dave Feldman brought down the house yet again with a rousing presentation at Keto Con 2018. In his presentation, he postulated that a subset of LCHF individuals, which he terms Lean Mass Hyper Responders (LMHRs), are unknowingly changing the world of cholesterol.


Traditionally we are taught that any elevation of LDL cholesterol leads to heart disease. Not so fast, says Dave. In this episode, we discuss why this does not apply to LMHRs and what that means for LCHF individuals and what it means for the medical world as a whole. We also discuss how recent PCSK9i drug trials prove his point, even though contemporary medicine promotes them with an opposite conclusion. Sound confusing? Well, it isn't once you hear Dave explain his case.  


Once again, Dave brings his passion, his engineering mindset, and his intellectual honesty to the table for a rousing interview that is sure to cause a stir among old-school doctors and lipidologists. You don't want to miss this one!


6 thoughts on “Dave Feldman Challenges Everything We Think We Know About LDL Cholesterol.”

  1. Outstanding Podcast!

    BTW, it’s not just an “assumption” (high LDL will result in HD), it’s much worse, it’s actually a “presupposition”…They don’t even consider that the science could be wrong. To me, the big  fundamental difference between engineers and scientists, is that scientists must assume that the “existing science” is correct in order to justify their research, while engineers are wired to first have a thorough understanding of how “things work in the real world” in order for them to be able to “design and build systems” that work in the real world.

    What we need is many more engineers like Dave and Ivor to be involved science! That have done more in the last few years to further science, and zero cost, without agendas, than conventional heart disease/lipid science has done in the last 25 years!

    1. Hi Michael. Outstanding point about how engineers approach problems differently than doctors and scientists. I agree wholeheartedly. The same can be said for investigative journalists like Nina Teicholz and Gary Taubes. More engineers and “detectives” are welcome to solve our chronic disease epidemic!

  2. What a delightful, entertaining hour. Really enjoyed myself. I love Dave Feldman's take on this whole lipid problem. 

    1. Me too! I welcome any chance to work with Dave. He has a wonderful way of explaining complicated concepts and clearly has a firm grasp of lipidology and human biology, and he’s an engineer! 

  3. Just an observation, FWIW:

    I note that Dave does not know how to pronounce 'Fourier'. That indicates to me that he has never had any exposure to Foruier analysis, which would be typical of a software engieering background. It also means that he has never had any exposure to Control Systems Theory. In my opinion, Control Theory can provide a much better model for biological systems (including accurate models for all types of homeostasis) than computer network theory, as Control Theory is the more fundamental of the two, and has more general applicability to both linear and nonlinear systems of all types. I have not been able to find any evidence of Control Theory being used to model biochemical systems, (it does seem to have some use in biomechanical systems such as active prosthetics) so I would have to conclude that medical modeling is based purely on statistical inference and not on any real understanding of the underlying phenomena. If you think you know the underlying phenomena, show me the equations for the transfer functions. Otherwise, you are just waving your hands. That is how I see the current "state of the art" in medicine and pharmacology.

    1. Wow! I wish I understood half of what you wrote there. As a non-engineer, that went over my head. But that’s the beauty of bringing more engineers in to solve our health problems. The new perspective and problem solving approach is exactly what we need!

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