#14 Break The Twitch

Anthony Ongaro

Author and blogger at breakthetwitch.com

Anthony Ongaro wants us to live an intentionally connected life with minimalism, habits and creativity. Anthony is the creator of the website, “breakthetwitch.com.” In today’s interview we discuss the concept of minimalism and how that leads to intentional living, finding our joy, and living purposefully. We discuss how minimalism is not just about getting rid of physical possessions, as it is equally important to promote the things you enjoy and find value in. We talk about practical tips, how to manage technology and how we need to be vigilant to prevent tech from creating more stress and more distraction inner lives. He gives a great example about the board game, Monopoly, sending us notifications while we sleep. Who needs that? We also connect the dopamine surge from technology to the same response from sugar, and how eliminating either is a process that takes time but is 100% doable. I hope you enjoy this episode, and i encourage you to visit Anthony’s website, and keep an ye out for his book, “Break The Twitch: A Practical Guide to Minimalism and Intentional Living,” which goes on pre-sale November 3rd. As always, thank you for listening.

Music: Surfing Day by Marcos H. Bolanos
Music can be found at freemusicarchive.org. Music has be altered and repurposed for and by Bret Scher of The Boundless Health Podcast.

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