#18 Go Against the ‘Grain’ of Prescription-Driven Health Care by Adopting Prevention

Dr. William Davis

Cardiologist and best selling author

Cardiologist Dr. William Davis wants us to take charge of our own health, and make prevention our top priority. But he warns that you won’t get any help from you regular doctor. In his book, Undoctored, Dr Davis explains how the medical system has failed us, and how prevention has disappeared from most doctor’s priorities. The first step we can all take toward promoting health is eliminating wheat from our diets. As explained in his book Wheat Belly, wheat comes from grass that we humans were never meant to digest. During the conversation, Dr Davis and I discuss the unnatural rise of grains in our diet though farming and agribusiness, the profit-driven and process-laden conventional health care system, and how we can alter our healthcare expectations and take charge of our health. After listening you will be inspired to take charge of your own health!


Key Takeaways:

[2:27] What motivated Dr. Davis to write his latest work, Undoctored?

[11:27] What happens when we remove grains from our diets?

[19:13] People can take care of their health on their own.

[20:23] How wheat changed with agribusiness and genetic research.

[28:54] Dr. Davis hasn’t found a grain that isn’t harmful.

[35:45] Dr. Davis recommends high-fat, low-carb diets but balanced with fibrous foods.

[44:39] Raising patients’ expectations to no longer be content with prescription-only care.


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2 thoughts on “Go Against the ‘Grain’ of Prescription-Driven Health Care by Adopting Prevention

Dr. William Davis”

  1. Dr. Davis: My CAC recently moved from 1.78 (2019) to 16.77 (2020). I want to lower my CAC score. I consulted my Cardiologist and his advice is to use a statin. I am looking for some research on how to lower my CAC score. I heard a YouTube episode wherein you made specific recommendations to achieve a lower CAC. Can you elaborate?
    Homer L. Hackney
    118 Front Street, # 101
    Franklin, TN. 37064

    1. Hello Homer,
      Unfortunately, Dr. Davis does not monitor this page, but Dr. Scher does! As a policy, we do not provide medical advice on the blog. If you’re looking for specific recommendations about lowering your CAC score, we recommend booking a private medical consult with Dr. Bret Scher. We hope that this is helpful, best of luck!

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