#20 Cholesterol — Understanding How the Body Uses It and Are High LDL Levels Really Dangerous?

Dave Feldman

Founder of cholesterolcode.com and serial self experimenter

My guest on this episode has a fresh, mechanistic approach to understanding the way our bodies use cholesterol. Dave Feldman is an engineer who has used self-experimentation to unpack the dynamic changes of LDL in his body. His findings have been revolutionary. On his blog, CholesterolCode.com he shares his personal journey of how a low-carb, high-fat diet and almost 100 blood tests have given him pause about the way the medical community currently diagnoses and treats patients with high LDL levels.

Dave is not a doctor. He is an engineer with a curious mind and his experiments are helping people re-frame how we see cholesterol and the impact on our health.


Key Takeaways:


[4:32] Dave was confident that his cholesterol increase wasn’t justified by the amount of weight he lost.

[10:31] The Feldman Protocol began as the Extreme Drop experiment.

[16:15] Identifying the purpose of cholesterol in the body.

[26:10] Is there a sweet spot for the body to make itself fast, available energy?

[31:24] A diet three days before a cholesterol test can make a significant impact on the results.

[37:15] The frustrating side of science in the field of medicine.

[1:00:19] Are there long-term dangers to being in ketosis for a long period of time?


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