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The practice of medicine, especially preventive cardiology, is failing patients because it focuses on general guidelines based mostly on numbers: “What’s your LDL?”, “What’s your BMI?” And that’s usually where it stops. It’s dangerous because it focuses on an equation instead of the individual. You are not your numbers. Your body is unique and deserves to be treated as such. We need a transformative shift in cardiology and preventive health care that considers you as an individual.


Concierge Preventive Cardiology

with Dr. Bret Scher

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Now with Dr. Scher's Concierge Preventative Cardiology, you can!

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Individualized Treatment

The concierge aspect starts with this key belief: one size doesn’t fit all. One treatment path is not right for everyone. A concierge-style approach means fewer patients vying for the doctor’s attention, and thus, higher level evaluation and individualized approach.

Work Directly with a Cardiologist

You have open access to talk with Dr. Scher, board-certified cardiologist and lipidologist, about your lifestyle, long-term health concerns, and new opportunities to optimize your health. These opportunities include advanced testing, in-depth nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress management, and proper use of medications and supplements when necessary.

A Better Experience

How much time do you waste getting a referral, completing intake forms, sitting in a waiting room... and only to get less than five minutes on average with your cardiologist? You deserve more time. You deserve more attention. And, you deserve more convenience.

Never Leave Home

Dr. Bret Scher uses the power of the latest video-based technology to ensure a safe, secure conversation from the comfort of your own home or office. This allows him to connect with patients without any travel or sitting in a cold waiting room.

It also adds on-demand access via email and text messaging for complete access. No more “I wonder when I’ll hear back from my doctor…” That’s the power and convenience of concierge preventive cardiology.

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Limited States Available​

If you live in the following states where Dr. Scher is licensed, you are eligible for this practice: CA, CO, UT, AZ, OH, IL, TX, NV with more to come soon! If you do not live in any of these states, we highly recommend you look into the 6-month Boundless Health Program.

Meet Bret Scher, MD


Hi, I’m Dr. Bret Scher, and I’m changing the direction of preventive cardiology to better you with the care you deserve. I’m also the CEO and Lead Physician at Boundless Health and the Low Carb Cardiologist. I spent the past 15 years as a frustrated cardiologist. My patients weren’t achieving their optimal health, and I didn’t have the time or resources to guide them. That’s why I am revolutionizing my practice of medicine, and why I sought out additional certifications in lipidology, nutrition, personal training, functional medicine, and behavioral change.

It is through this specialized training and working with thousands of patients I recognized how to provide better care. Your health is too important to trust to guidelines designed for the ‘average’ person. You are not average, nor should you want to be!

I also recognize the need for better access and convenience. That’s the heartbeat behind Concierge Preventive Cardiology: open access so together, we can evaluate every facet of who you are and how you can best achieve your goals.

I’m glad you’re here. It tells me you know you deserve better care. I can’t wait to get started finding your path to true health.

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