In a perfect world, we would get all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals we need through our nutritional choices. Unfortunately, sometimes food quality is out of our control. We cannot always control the farming techniques, the soil quality, and how the animals are raised. As a result, even healthy food choices may be lacking in certain nutrients. That is why natural supplements can work in conjunction with our healthy lifestyle habits to help us achieve our Best Health Ever. And that is why I have this special section dedicated to the supplements I recommend the most. What follows is a list of the supplements I most commonly recommend. You can follow the links to the Thorne website to learn more and to purchase them directly from Thorne Research. Why Thorne?


Price: $32.60

Berberine, found in several different plants, has been used for centuries and more recently has been proven to reduce LDL cholesterol as well as manage...

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Price: $35.10

Red Yeast Rice(RYR) can reduce LDL by 20-30%, and can even reduce hsCRP. However, quality matters as studies have shown variation in the monacolin concentration...

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Super EPA

Price: $29.99

Omega 3 fatty Acidsare powerful antioxidants, and can improve LDL, HDL and triglycerides. Asour intake of omega 3 fatty acids has diminished, the benefits of...

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Super EPA Pro 120’s

Price: $76.10

This product has a higher dose of EPA to allow for more efficient dosing

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Omega-3 w/CoQ10

Price: $41.30

This product has both EPA and COQ-10 for a convenient combination

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Q-Best 100™

Price: $39.95

I most commonly use COQ-10 as an anti-oxidant and as a preventative treatment for statin-induced muscle aches. 

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Vitamin K2 Liquid

Price: $64.65

Vitamin K2reduces our risk of bone fracture by directingcalcium to our bones and teeth, and can improve our CV health by directing calcium away from...

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Price: $13.99

Given concerns of skin cancer and our mostly indoors focused society, it’s no wonder that most of us are vitamin D deficient. Fortunately, supplements are...

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Vitamin D / K2 Liquid

Price: $23.50

This product combines Vit K2 and Vit D for a convenient and powerful synergistic effect.

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Price: $34.99

L-Argininecan reduce blood pressure and improve endothelial function (the elasticity of our blood vessels).

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Perfusia Plus®

Price: $62.55

The efficacy of L-arginine is increased when it is combined with other cofactors such as vitamin C, folate and resveratrol as in Perfusia Plus

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Magnesium Citrate

Price: $12.85

Magnesium is beneficial for lowering blood pressure, reducing anxiety, and improving sleep.

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Price: $89.95

Lipocardia is a combination product shown by Dr. Mark Houston to significantlyreduce lipid levels and inflammation.

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5-MTHF 1 mg

Price: $18.95

Methylated B Vitamins can be very effective at reducing homocysteine levels, improving peripheral nerve function, and replenishing vitamin deficiencies.

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Methyl-Guard Plus®

Price: $46.35

This Product has a higher dose of multiple B vitamins

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Price: $40.85

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant reducing free radicals and their potential damage

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