Boundless Health Healthy Living Program by Dr. Bret Scher
Dr. Bret Scher

Are you ready to achieve your best health ever?  

We understand the importance of living your best life. That's why we are offering the Boundless Health Program free of cost. 

With valuable and practical guidance to creating a healthy lifestyle from board-certified cardiologist Dr. Bret Scher, you can start to live better, live healthier and live longer. Re-evaluate your health and your healthcare. Start improving your life today! 

What is the Boundless Health Program?

Get access to the exclusive tools you need to start living a healthier lifestyle. With Dr. Bret Scher's guidance and the valuable input of his expert guests, you can start the journey to feeling better, stronger and happier in all aspects of your life. With the Boundless Health Program, you will learn the necessary steps to taking control of your health and well-being, all without the need for prescription medications. 

What are the goals of the Boundless Health Program?

Boundless Health Mindset

Reframe your mindset in order to achieve your goals

Boundless Health Nutrition

Nourish your body by redefining your relationship with food

Boundless Health Fitness

Implement an exercise routine that is right for your lifestyle

Boundless Health Sleep

Manage your stress and get optimal sleep 

Boundless Health Community

Build a community and develop meaningful relationships 

Boundless Health Prescriptions

Take control of your healthcare and dependency to prescription drugs

Most importantly, you’ll be gaining the knowledge and skills you need to improve your health not just for now, but for a lifetime.

I isn't easy!

Are you struggling to manage your stress & anxiety? Do you lack the motivation to achieve your fitness goals? Are you tired of failed attempts to improve your eating habits? Do you worry about facing a hereditary disease that will leave you dependent upon prescription medications?

These are the thoughts and questions plaguing so many of us... 

  • You’re unable to manage your stress while you juggle different priorities and a demanding schedule
  • You struggle to find the motivation to incorporate fitness into your life or you’re intimidated by the thought of trying a new exercise routine
  • You are overwhelmed and confused by the latest health fads telling you what you should and shouldn’t eat
  • You wish you knew how to best communicate to your healthcare provider in the short amount of time you’re given with them 
  • You’re concerned by the prospect of becoming reliant on prescription medications to manage your poor health 
  • You want to find a community to help you reach your goals and support you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle  
Boundless Health Stress

“Our mental and physical well-being, our happiness, and our lives all suffer when we don’t prioritize our health.”

- Dr. Bret Scher

Other doctors agree!

John Neustadt

“Dr. Scher has done a fantastic job of distilling an impressive amount of very technical information into easy to understands actionable information to empower people and help them lead healthier, more vibrant lives.”  

- John Neustadt ND, Co-founder, LiveFullOut Media

Eric Cadesky

“Dr. Scher passionately argues for a straight-forward, sustainable, and holistic lifestyle plan to improve the well-being of our minds, bodies, and souls.”

- Eric Cadesky, MD and Clinical Assistant Professor

John Pauls MD PhD

"Very informative and motivating. From introducing the science of what goes into making health decisions to practical applications of this science, everyone can benefit from incorporating these principles into one's life.”

- John Pauls, MD, PhD

You can change your lifestyle with simple steps each day that will positively effect your mind and body.

Reframe Your Mindset

By reframing your thought process you can reverse the negative cycle, you can start feeling better, and you can start making better choices. With a positive mindset you can start making meaningful changes to your lifestyle and you can take control of your health.

Boundless Health Meditation
Boundless Health Yoga

Move with a Purose

As long as you are moving, you are improving your health. With the right attitude and fitness plan for you, you can learn how to exercise so that you are increasing your longevity and reducing your risk for disease.

Nourish Your Body

With real foods and easy to follow recipes you can redefine your relationship to food and develop sustainable nutritional habits. By learning to interpret the science behind food you can learn to make better nutritional choices each day.

Boundless Health Nutrition Food
Boundless Health Doctor

Re-Examine Your Healthcare

Change the way you communicate with your doctor to know what the right questions are to ask and be your own best health advocate. Rather than treating the symptoms, learn to understand what the underlying problem is and how you can fix it with purposeful life interventions.

Build a Supportive Community

Get the support you need from those around you as well as others that are on the same journey to a healthier lifestyle. It’s much easier to make big changes in your lifestyle when you surround yourself with people who support you, and by being able to clearly communicate your goals you can build the right community to help you achieve them.

Boundless Health Community

Reduce Your Stress & Anxiety

You can change the way you cope with your stress and anxiety in order to improve your mental well-being. With mindful meditation you can control your response to stress by choosing not to overreact and to take control of your body’s reaction to the negative thoughts.

Ready to Get Started?

The Boundless Health Program will put you on the path to your best health ever.

The roadblocks you’ve hit in your journey to better health do not have to be a reason to give up, but rather an opportunity for growth. This is your opportunity to build a new mindset around your lifestyle and find a new way to incorporate health and wellness into your life that is practical and achievable.

You have a cardiologist in your corner!

You might feel you’re constantly bombarded with different health trends and contradicting methods of improving your diet or getting better sleep, with an emphasis on attaining perfection in some form. This is what sets the Boundless Health Program apart. 

Dr. Bret focuses on breaking down the science behind what it really takes to live your best health, and not just through nutrition and exercise, but by living a life in which you have a more positive mentality, more energy and a new found sense of confidence in your ability to prioritize your health.

“Perfection is not the goal. Finding a way to incorporate health into your life is the goal.”

- Dr. Bret Scher

Dr. Bret Scher

I hope to be the most unique cardiologist you have ever encountered.

Early on in my practice I was in awe of the incredible lifesaving tools we possess as cardiologists. We can open blocked arteries, replace diseased heart valves and correct congestive heart failure. I have spent almost 20 years learning these invasive procedures and medications all with one goal- to treat heart disease. Yet overtime I grew frustrated as I saw how little effort we devoted to preventing heart disease and preventing the need for these procedures in the first place.  

We would celebrate our success as we opened a patient’s clogged artery. Then we would celebrate our success again when we opened another blockage in the same patient. Almost like clockwork, I’d soon see patients return to the hospital for another stent, or to have a toe amputated due to diabetes, or because they were drowning in their own body with congestive heart failure. All of which we could treat or “manage.”  

I started to ask myself, “Is this really a success? Wouldn’t it be much more powerful if we could prevent the problem in the first place?”  

I decided to take a stand. I want to do everything in my power to make sure those multi-billion dollar tools and drugs go unused. We can focus on preventing these diseases instead of just “managing” them.  

My goal is to inspire individuals just like you to promote your own health by adopting healthy lifestyle habits. Lifestyle habits that allow you to achieve your best health ever. Health free of prescription drugs. Health that leaves you feeling great, feeling energetic, and living the life you have always dreamed.  

And here’s my secret. I’m not interested in sensational sound bites or attention-grabbing headlines. I’m not going to try to wow you with extremes. What I have to offer is the knowledge it takes to experience real, natural health.  

As a cardiologist, certified personal trainer, a specialist in fitness nutrition and behavior modification, I can show you the science behind improving your nutrition and exercise, as well as the proper techniques to improving your mindset and achieving your goals.  

I hope you chose to take this journey with me to start achieving your best health ever!  


Dr. Bret Scher, M.D.  

Don't just take my word for it!

"Very informative and motivating. From introducing the science of what goes into making health decisions to practical applications of this science, everyone can benefit from incorporating these principles into one's life.”  

- John P.

"Through this unassuming guide to wellness, Dr. Scher provides professional guidance that effectively promotes change in habits and routine to live a healthier life.”  

- Eryn B. 

“His medical background as a doctor and educator coupled with his personal practices of living a healthy and active lifestyle will help members gain their "Best Health Ever.”  

- Cynthia M.

Start Your Journey Now

When you sign up for the Boundless Health Program you'll have access to:

  • Healthy and easy cooking demonstrations
  • Quick and effective exercises for a lifetime of health
  • In depth discussions about the power of nutrition and physical activity
  • Thorough analysis of common medications and how they compare to the power of healthy lifestyle habits
  • Practical tips and in-depth demonstrations of how to get in the right mindset for a lifetime of health
  • Plus special guests and more!  
Boundless Health Healthy Living Program by Dr. Bret Scher

When you sign up for the Boundless Health Program, you will get the exclusive information you need to start improving your health.

  • Learn about how your mind is the most important health tool, with concrete examples of how to start reframing your mindset today.  
  • Get the necessary tools so start managing your stress and anxiety, such as mindful meditation and tips for better sleep.
  • Learn the evidence behind healthy nutrition and the practical tips you need to nourish your body. Plus, healthy cooking demonstrations with recipes you can make today!
  • Get easy-to-do exercise routines that will improve your health and fitness, and see examples of how to safely progress to resistance training and high-intensity interval training.  
  • Learn about the risks and benefits of common prescription drugs, and see how you can improve your health naturally, without the need for drugs.
  • Become part of a community with a common goal to achieve a healthier lifestyle. 
Boundless Health Program Health and Fitness