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In a perfect world, we would get all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals we need through our nutritional choices. Unfortunately, sometimes food quality is out of our control. We cannot always control the farming techniques, the soil quality, and how the animals are raised. As a result, even healthy food choices may be lacking in certain nutrients.


That is why natural supplements can work in conjunction with our healthy lifestyle habits to help us achieve our Best Health Ever.


And that is why I have this special section dedicated to the supplements I recommend the most.


They are not all appropriate for everyone, so do your homework to make sure they are right for you, and always discuss starting or stopping any supplement or medication with your healthcare provider.


What follows is a list of the supplements I most commonly recommend. You can follow the links to the Thorne website to learn more and to purchase them directly from Thorne Research.


Why Thorne? Good question.


There are far too many supplement manufacturers on the market today. That can make it difficult to know if you are getting a high-quality product. Studies have shown supplements have an inconsistent concentration of active ingredient and variable amounts of potentially dangerous toxins. That can be a scary thought. How do you know you are getting what you are paying for, and how do you know they are safe? 


That is why I chose to partner with Thorne Research. They have been in business for over 30 years, they pride themselves on their product quality, and they base their products on scientific research. In addition, they have partnered with The Mayo Clinic which only helps elevate their reliability for science based, high-quality products. They are definitely not the only reputable manufacturer on the market, but they are my chosen manufacturer due to their reliability, their safety, and their proven track record.


When you are directed to Thorne.com, you may need to use my Health Care Provider Number HCP1110290 at check out. In full disclosure, I do make a small amount of money for sales, but I would never let that cloud my judgement regarding their quality. There are dozens of brands I could have chosen, many of which pay more for affiliates. I chose Thorne for their quality and their dedication to research, not their money.


I hope you find this section helpful and as always, please let us know if you have any questions.


Bret Scher MD FACC


Recommended Supplements

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