Carrie Diulus M.D. —Vegan Keto, Type 1 Diabetes, Exercise and Self Experimentation


Doctor Carrie Diulus is a spine surgeon with an amazing story. Her life has been littered with maladies such as Celiac Disease, type 1 diabetes, gastroparesis, and a serious knee injury and yet she persists with athletic triumphs and incredible health. How she accomplishes this is a testament to her ingenuity and resourcefulness. Dr. Carrie shares her story of how data collection, self-experimentation, and analyzing the results led her down the opposite path from the advice of her doctors. Through her journeys, she has found a low carbohydrate diet to be the best option to treat her diabetes and eventually crafted a plant-based keto diet, including supplements that offer her all the nutrients she needs to keep her energy levels high and her insulin under control.


Her story shows the power of self-teaching, self-experimentation, and taking control of your own health!.


Key Takeaways:


[4:11] A knee injury caused Dr. Carrie to reconsider and switch her career path from pathology to orthopedic surgery.

[9:41] What led Dr. Carrie to choose a low-carbohydrate diet to combat her diabetes?

[20:23] After a bout of Gastroparesis, Dr. Carrie made a dietary transition into vegan keto.

[29:45] Dr. Carrie's Maffetone training and her measures of blood sugar and ketones tell a story of the physiology of glucose and ketone utilization.

[40:47] Dr. Carrie's exercise advice to people with diabetes.

[48:36] During 5-day fasting periods, Dr. Carrie's insulin sensitivity improves and her ketones rise.


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